About Me

I am currently a high school senior at Temple City High School, Temple City CA. I am a productive student who is proficient in STEM, and aspires to be an electrical engineer. My hobbies include reading, learning, and keeping up with global news and developments.

Past Work Experience

  • Teacher Aid, Alpha Science Education Institute
    • Temple City, California      2016-2017
    • Teacher Aid- kept track of attendance, was responsible for calling parents and students to ensure they arrive to class on time, corrected homework, and tutored prospective students in regards to their school work and class subjects.

Skills and qualities I possess:

  • Quick mental math capabilities
  • Analyzing and interpreting data
  • Organized and on time
  • Patient and slow to anger


  • Resourceful
  • Adaptive to new technologies and ideas
  • Understands how established systems operate
  • Capable of working with anyone